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Ikea’s iconic blue bag gets video homage

99 cents and virtually indestructible

Photo of a person carrying a large blue tote with laundry in it.
“Laundry bag” is one of Frakta’s most popular identities.
Photo via Ikea

The Frakta bag is arguably Ikea’s most recognizable product—and perhaps its most accessible. Enormous, sturdy, and just 99 cents (in the U.S.), the iconic blue polypropylene tote appeals to people all over the world for its versatility and affordability.

After luxury brand Balenciaga released a $2,145 take on the mass-market tote, the Frakta, which means “carry” in Swedish, seems to have had a resurgence in popularity, at least as evidenced by the number of hacks that have made the rounds on social media.

Taking advantage of this moment, Ikea’s advertising agency partner Acne, which released a not-so-cryptic ad in response to Balenciaga’s homage, created a short film honoring the tote and its myriad uses. Running just over a minute, the video shows folks in different parts of the world, from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds, using Frakta as, for example, a cover from the rain, a grocery carry-all, beach bag, and as a little coat for a dog.

“Might be the most hardworking bag in the world,” the narrator says in voiceover. “Why should function and quality be a privilege for the few, if we can do something about it? That question is behind everything we do.” Watch the video below.

Via: Dezeen