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Meet Spartacus, the adorable vintage trailer that will win your heart

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They don’t make ’em like this anymore

Via Tiny House Listings

With the recent rise of the tiny home trend, it’s easy to forget that small, mobile abodes are by no means a new invention. Exhibit A is ‘Spartacus’—a 1955 Spartan Royal Mansion with a cuteness quotient rivaling even the most twee of today’s micro abodes.

In spite of its age, the vintage 34-foot-long trailer looks fabulous. What appears to be the original aluminum siding has been buffed to a mirror-like shine. Mint-green exterior trim enhances its mid-century looks.

On the inside, ‘Sparty’ has obviously had some age-appropriate updates including funky glass light fixtures, light blue kitchen cabinets, a custom wall-mounted dining table, and a mini desk space. Running to 272 square feet, the trailer is wide enough to fit a stand alone loveseat and what appears to be a full-sized bed. The bathroom also has a full bath and shower lined with subway tile.

And all this is up for grabs for $59,000.

“He is a baby boomer, who just reached retirement age,” reads the listing. “Sadly they do not make things like this anymore. The Spartan company used building techniques and designs they had mastered in the aircraft building industry.”

Via: Tiny House Swoon