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Shipping container gets shiny makeover for Taiwan high school

It’s amazing what you can do with mirrors

All photos by Hung-Yu Lin of WENYA Studio via Archinect

Mirrors are all the rage right now—whether it’s a wee prefab house, a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired installation, or the latest exhibition of Yayoi Kusama. In Taipei, Taiwan, B+P Architects have designed yet another reflective structure, a shipping container covered in one-way mirrors to house a high school art room.

The main wall of the space has sliding doors that open it up to a school courtyard, essentially creating an open-air studio or gallery. Integrating art and the environment was a core theme for the architects, who see the structure’s mirrored facade as a method for visually integrating it into its setting. Reflecting the surrounding trees and structures.

“At the same time,” write the architects, “through the interesting aspects of a ‘mirror’, we stimulate students to rethink the relationship between themselves and their environments and further understand that the observations and reflections on themselves, environments and all things are also a crucial step in creativity.”

The building also just looks cool. The short ends of the structure are filled with floor-to-ceiling windows, partially screened by vertical mirrored slats. The building’s interior is also flexible enough to serve as a classroom or exhibition space, depending on the need.

Via: Archinect