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Cool modern lamps inspired by amusement park, hot air balloons

Way fancier than a circus tent or hot air balloon

Photos via Dezeen

Are you into youthful, playful design, but not dedicated enough to build your own hobbit house made of balloons? Swedish designer Clara von Zweigbergk may have created the right pendent lamp for you.

Inspired by a visit to Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens amusement park, the spun-aluminum lamps—named Cirque—are meant to evoke the park’s whimsical onion-shaped domes, hot air balloons, and the delights of being whirled around on a carnival ride.

"I don’t mind at all if—sitting in their kitchens—people look up and start thinking hot air balloons and carousels,” the designer told Dezeen.

The lamps, offered by Danish lighting company Louis Poulsen, come in three sizes and a range of color combinations. The downward-angled shade is best placed as a low focal point above a table or hung in a multi-height grouping, perhaps above a strategically chosen landcarpet?

Via: Dezeen