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SylvanSport GO camper hauls gear and easily sleeps four

It’s the swiss army knife of campers, all for under $10,000

The Sylvan Sport GO camping trailer.
All photos courtesy of Sylvan Sport

The vast array of campers is mind boggling. There are campers perfect for stargazing, some styled after 1920s boats, and other bespoke versions that cost as much as a house.

But what about a camper that does a little bit of everything without racking up the costs? North Carolina-based SylvanSport builds adventure camping trailers that give you a tremendous bang for your buck. Their most popular model—the SylvanSport GO—is an all-in-one travel trailer that can carry your gear, transform into a camper that sleeps up to five people, and costs $9,995. Seriously.

As a toy hauler, the SylvanSport GO can hold an ATV or bikes inside the multi-height trailer bed, and it can also haul bikes or kayaks on the roof rack. And while plenty of trailers offer room to carry gear, you usually sacrifice sleep space.

Not so with the Sylvansport GO. The GO pops up and folds out to create a tented area with two benches and a table. It’s big enough for most people to stand inside at 6.5 feet in height, and the dining area coverts into a large bed with storage space underneath. Two adults and two kids can easily fit on the king-and-a-half sleeping area, and you can use the sunshade to create an extra vestibule to add space.

Near the hitch there’s also a storage area that is equipped with a drain plug, making it the perfect place to ice beverages when the camper is set up.

Set up takes about 10 or 15 minutes, and the SylvanSport GO clocks in at a very lightweight 840 pounds. This means that even small cars can pull the trailer, either for camping or just as a gear hauler. Head over here for a list of retailers nationwide.

Courtesy of SylvanSport
Courtesy of SylvanSport