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These terrarium lamps are pure plant genius

Embedded lights keep plants alive, while creating visual focal points

Via Richard Clarkson

There are few more effective ways to liven up a dark corner than with the addition of a planter—the only problem being that the lack of light is rarely enough to sustain plant life. But designer Richard Clarkson came up with an ingenious solution: a plant terrarium with a built in light source. These are no fluorescent-topped aquarium tanks. Rather, the hand-blown glass domes look more like a fancy art piece.

Each planter comes with a strong steel suspension cable to hang the Globe from the ceiling. A slim electrical wire runs down the cable, connecting to a set of dimmable LEDs embedded in the lid of the fixture, which serves to support the glass base. A brass cover slides down to hide the electronics portion.

While the watering process seems slightly complicated, owners apparently won’t need to water the terrarium too often. On his site, Clarkson recommends adding just a small amount of water every few weeks, since the mostly enclosed terrarium doesn’t encourage evaporation. Other than that, your plants can mostly be hands-off, just set the light levels to a brightness appropriate to sustaining life.

The Globes come in two sizes, 8 or 12 inches in diameter. And they look great when hung in multiples at varying levels. But all this beauty does not come cheap. The smallest, LED-less model starts at $210, while the 12-inch LED model costs $460.

Via: Inhabitat