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Bikesphere protects cyclists by emitting halo of light

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Developed as part of Michelin’s “Trendy Drivers” initiative

Image of biker at night with ring of two red laser lights on the ground surrounding him.
A double ring of lasers kicks in when a car begins to approach too closely.
Photos via Designboom

This clever lighting system from tire company Michelin is a worthy addition to the slate of new bike safety technology that has emerged over the past year. Called Bikesphere, the gadget reimagines the common bike light by creating a safety zone around the cyclist in low-light situations.

In addition to a standard headlight and taillight, Bikesphere comes equipped with a light sensor that will automatically turn on as night falls and emit a red laser ring of light around the rider to enhance visibility and indicate a safe distance that the rider and an approaching car should maintain.

It also comes with a proximity sensor that can detect an oncoming vehicle. If a car begins to approach too closely, a double ring of red laser will activate and rotate around the cyclist, alerting both the driver and the rider to each other’s proximity.

Bikesphere was developed as part of Michelin’s “Trendy Drivers” initiative to educate young drivers on road safety and is open source.

Via: Designboom