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Colorful ‘mega mural’ revives industrial space in Maryland


In Hagerstown, Maryland, civic artist and painter HENSE transformed a disused industrial building into this colorful, 80-foot-high mural.
Photos by HENSE via Designboom

Public art has long been used to revitalize city squares and make the best of blighted buildings. Public artists, too, have in recent years garnered a higher profile (think Banksy or JR) for works in some of the world’s biggest, most-traveled-to cities.

The small city of Hagerstown, Maryland, welcomed its own banner mural by Alex Brewer (also known as HENSE), who transformed an enormous, disused industrial building with an outsized, colorful mural called “The Mural of Unusual Size.”

At 80 feet high—and comprising about 170 gallons of paint, according to Designboom, where we first spotted this “mega mural”—the work of art is a riot of colorful shapes, stripes, and dots, working together to create what will undoubtedly be a landmark for the city and a centerpiece of the town’s Hagerstown Cultural Trail.

Via: Designboom