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Studio Nendo’s first public space is made up of giant concrete discs

CoFuFun is located in Tenri in Nara, Japan

Aerial shot of public space made of up large concrete discs with concentric stairs of varying heights set among a site with circular patches of turf in an urban setting.
The concrete structures were prefabricated offsite and then assembled on the grounds.
Photos via Designboom

A sculptural new public space made up of flying saucer-like structures has opened in Tenri, a small town in Nara, Japan. Designed by prolific Tokyo-based Studio Nendo, CoFuFun, as it’s called, is a 6,000-square-meter (approximately 65,000 square feet) plaza meant to bring together residents and tourists alike.

The discs, inspired by ancient Japanese tombs known as “kofun,” and a number of which are found throughout Tenri, occupy several functions. Concentric stairs lead up or down and also act as benches, or as seating for an amphitheater, as a playground for children, or a roof.

Located by a train station, the circular concrete architecture—prefabricated offsite using molds—also comprises a cafe, meeting space, and a study lounge. The circle motif continues on the ground as well, where patches of turf of varying sizes offer a bit of green space in the middle of the city.

Placed at four different heights to minimize noise, the structures create a dynamic public space that is also playful. Have a look.

Via: Designboom