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Charming London revamp brings the sun right in

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The compact apartment does not shy away from life

Interior shot of living space looking onto exposed brick fireplace with bookshelves built into either side of it. Mint green sofa and large windows brighten the room.
This flat maximizes its limited space with built-in storage and plenty of light.
Photos via The Modern House

This charming flat in London—currently on the market for £650,000 (or around $837,000)—might as well be a case study in compact living.

Occupying the top floors of a narrow period townhouse in Hackney, the two-bedroom apartment takes advantage of its verticality and limited square footage (about 725 square feet) by making use of built-in storage and a neutral palette of natural materials.

Recently renovated by architects Hanne Brett and Joe Laslett, the split-level home is accessed by a short flight of stairs that leads to the main floor. Here, an open floorplan comprises an efficiently imagined kitchen on one side of the room and a compact living area on the other, where an exposed brick fireplace extends upwards into the loft above.

Large windows frame leafy views and flood the entire apartment with light, making it appear roomier than it is. Built-in bookshelves are tucked on either side of the fireplace, while the clean, pale birch ply of the cabinets repeats throughout the home to create a unified system of storage. Off the communal area is a bedroom and a bathroom.

The master bedroom is located upstairs on a mezzanine level that enjoys the illumination from three skylights. Built-in closets crafted from the same ply wood as below form a portion of the walls, while a mint green gallery rail looks into the double-height space below. A curtain can be drawn to close off the room from the void.

White walls and knotted hardwood floors complete the flat, which never shies away from letting life be lived to its fullest (as evidenced by the artwork and personal artifacts lining the walls).

Via: The Modern House