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Minimalist ‘tiny houses’ fill up modern Beijing hostel

Muji vibes!

minimalist hostel in Beijing Photos via Designboom

A number of new, high-design hostels are trying to build-in new ways for guests to connect with each other, ranging from harnessing social media to installing giant net hammocks. For the new “Together Hostel” in Beijing, the big idea is an open space filled with a modern encampment, inspired by the jovial camaraderie of music festivals.

Designed by the light-loving and creative architect Cao Pu, the hostel features various sizes of “tents”—ranging from small, timber and polycarbonate structures stacked to make fancy bunkbeds to medium-sized versions for two-person rooms to a large communal room topped with a scaffolding-like gable.

The compact wooden-framed structures with their clean design and tiny peaked roofs look like enormous birdhouses, or something Muji might cook up for temporary accommodations. They each contain a bed, lights, and electrical outlets. The roof panels can also be retracted for additional light or ventilation.

Via: Designboom