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Tilted shipping containers top scenic island home

A house built almost entirely of reclaimed and local materials

house with slanted shipping container Photos by Fernando Gomulya via Dezeen

The designers at Indonesian firm Budi Pradono Architects seem to love building structures that make you do a double take. First, it was the daredevil Slanted House in Jakarta, and now, it’s a sustainable island home that looks like it’s about to lose its shipping-container master suite to the forces of gravity.

Perched atop the Indonesia island of Lombok, Clay House was built almost entirely out of reclaimed and locally-sourced materials, including the rich red clay that inspired the home’s moniker. The abode is actually two buildings—a smaller main space with the living room, kitchen, and shipping-container bedroom, and a larger, shorter volume with additional bedrooms. The two structures are connected by an open terrace with an angled pool—all overlooking the lush landscape and beach below.

The shipping containers were recycled from a nearby island port and popped onto the roof of the master bedroom at a 60 degree angle, creating space beneath its incline for a large floor-to-ceiling window and doors to a terrace. The interior was covered in bamboo paneling that further emphasizes the angle of the container.

A clerestory window was added to the top of the container’s lower end to bring natural light into the en suite bathroom. Finally, the large overhang projects off the container’s lower edge as a sunshade. Pretty fun!

Via: Dezeen