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This rainforest lounge’s circular design helps it withstand storms

The structure was designed using local materials and building techniques to better endure strong winds and floods

All photos by Hùng Râu Kts via Inhabitat

Part of a resort deep in the rainforests of Vietnam, this round wood-and-stone structure was built to house a restaurant and lounge for guests attracted by the area’s local hot springs. However, the site is vulnerable to flooding and storms, so architects at RÂU ARCH created a building specifically designed to withstand the elements.

The MOỌC SPRING building is round—to help prevent damage from strong storm winds—and built on a base of rough-hewn local stone. The lower level of the structure holds kitchens, utility rooms, and guest rooms.

The second floor is a masterwork of bamboo, timber, and thatch. A reinforced steel frame and concrete pillars ensure that the building will hold up to catastrophic weather. But these support elements have all been wrapped in nulgar bamboo for added resiliency and also beauty. The main circular ceiling of the second floor is a beautiful pattern of bamboo and thatch, with a large round skylight in the middle. Bent bamboo elements decorate the pillars—with an almost Victorian flair.

Via: Inhabitat