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Is this the world’s most luxe shipping container hotel?

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We think so

Photos by Daniel John Bilsborough via Inhabitat

We’ve admired our fair share of shipping container hotels, from this simple surfer retreat to this more elaborately decorated number in Vietnam. But when it comes to luxury, this portable, pop-up shipping-container-hotel-room has got ‘em all beat.

Designed by the Australian design firm Contained, the structure is made of a 20-foot shipping container that’s beed heavily modified with a pop-out windowed bedroom, a kitchenette, and a bathroom—not to mention a bevy of carefully considered design details.

The whole design goes against small-space color convention with a dark palette and gold accents. It’s got a herringbone-patterned floor in the main room and a modern Swedish tile in the bathroom. Windows make up two-thirds of the front wall, and fold back for entry or just opening the room up to the outdoors. The large modular deck is shaded by an awning that flips down to protect the front of the container in-transit.

Because these babies can be shipped anywhere.

"There are so many beautiful places to go visit. That’s how this idea was born. Let’s create a portable hotel room that’s beautiful, sustainable, and comfortable for short-term accommodation and activate some of these spaces," co-director Anatoly Mezhov told Dwell.

Via: Inhabitat, Dwell