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Which tiny house should you buy?

Take our quiz to find out

A red and white tiny home in Mt. Hood, Oregon.
A red and white tiny home in Mt. Hood, Oregon.
Courtesy of Mt. Hood Tiny House Village

Whether you want to get away from it all, to become more financially stable, or to live life more simply, tiny homes could be a solution. But even if you're ready to downsize to less than 400 square feet, there's still the problem of figuring out which tiny home is right for you.

Even in the world of micro living, different types of dwellings offer a range of amenities. Tent-like yurt structures might appeal to outdoorsy types, while minimalist tiny homes offer sleek and convertible interiors. A growing number of tiny homes come with serious storage capabilities, while rustic cabins offer a pared-down, customizable option.

To help you tap into your true tiny home potential, we've designed a quiz that let's you discover which tiny home you should buy.