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Studio Elmo Vermijs designs tiny houses for the homeless in the Netherlands

Based on the concept of Skaeve Huse

Side view of three small homes with corrugated walls and colorful door and window frames.
The small homes are located on the outskirts of Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
Photos via Studio Elmo Vermijs

Tiny house villages and communities for the homeless and other vulnerable groups are cropping up all over the United States—and elsewhere, too.

One such community is located on the outskirts of the Dutch city of Eindhoven. The Trudo Housing Corporation enlisted Amsterdam-based Studio Elmo Vermijs to design the small homes for individuals with mental illness, drug addiction, and those who generally have difficulty living in traditional residential areas.

Riffing on the concept of Skaeve Huse, a term that originated in Denmark and roughly means “special homes for special people,” the studio designed the dwellings as a more permanent and energy-efficient solution to the typically temporary accommodations.

The cottages are sited among trees and measure 33 square meters, or about 355 square feet, and are characterized by a silhouette that appears as two connected volumes of varying dimensions. Each house features a corrugated facade, an entrance hall, living room, kitchen, bathroom, high ceilings, window frames that project outward from the walls, some of which are slanted, and a unique color scheme.

Via: Archinect