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Taipei’s subway trains get surreal interior redesign

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The train cars have been transformed into sport venues including a swimming pool, soccer field, and basketball court


Taipei, Taiwan, is playing host to this summer’s Universiade—the largest international sport event after the Olympics—and to build up buzz, they’ve transformed some of the city’s subway cars into remarkably realistic recreations of sports settings.

The floors of the carriages have been covered in what appears to be full-width vinyl prints of sports venues ranging from a running track to baseball and soccer fields. Information “boxes” displaying funny facts and rules about the sport have also been added to the car’s handles. The campaign is meant to drive interest in the games and create ‘grammable moments that passengers will want to share on social media. And it’s working!

The swimming pool car, with its eye-popping trompe l’oeil, is the clear favorite for selfies. Some people have even started dressing up in swimsuits or bringing pool props to augment their social media images.

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