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This ‘grilloven’ is on another level

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The creators are touting it as the “world’s first two-in-one outdoor grill and oven”

Alfa 1977

Hate it when you’re grilling but want to bake a pizza crust? Or when you’re baking up a storm and get a sudden craving for BBQ ribs? Well, Italian pizza-oven company Alfa 1977 have got your back with their Toto outdoor grill oven. It’s a grill! It’s a pizza oven! In one!

But why does it look sort of weird? Italian design! Those chunky shapes and bright colors are a clear descendent of postmodern Memphis design—a movement based in Italy. Plus, the steel dome was added to “overcome the stereotype of [a] barbecue with [a] rounded bottom,” according to the company website—whatever that means.

As Andrea Lauro, Alfa 1977’s Head of Research and Development explained, the Toto is “not so much a tool as a total cooking experience that finds its essence in the conviviality and the joy of sharing. Toto is a brand-new alternative to traditional barbecue and a seductive key to outdoor cooking.”

But if you really want to ogle a weird oven design, check out the company’s Fiesta-bbq...

Via: Dornob