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This office in a box is actually kind of cool

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The HO folds together into a self-contained table

Francesc Rifé

With office spaces getting smaller and smaller and more folks working remotely or at home, you may have thought that the cubicle was a thing of the past. But this lovely office cube from designer Francesc Rifé may convince you otherwise.

The HO is a minimalist, all-in-one home office that includes a workspace, stool, file cabinet, shelves, lamp, and built-in power outlets. The design was inspired by the large wine cellar doors of the Catalan village of Rifé’s childhood—especially their large hinges, a prominent detail of the hideaway HO.

The exterior of the wooden box is clad in a matte ecru lacquer with wood veneer inside. Co.Design calls the style a “nostalgic throwback” and the dark wood and space for physical files definitely give it a vintage vibe. But convertible, transforming furniture is having a modern moment.

Via: Co.Design