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James Turrell installation at Grecian resort invites visitors to contemplate the sky


Photos via The Spaces

As if a seaside Grecian villa with picturesque views of the Mediterranean wasn’t enough of a draw, this rental at the Amanzoe resort also comes with its own ‘skyspace’ from artist James Turrell—his first in the region. Turrell is world-renowned for creating environmental, light-infused artworks that play with the boundaries of human perception and visual illusion.

The Grecian installation—named Sky Plain—is a part of Turrell’s Skyspaces series in which he builds a minimalist white space with a large rectangular void in the ceiling, framing only the sky. The experience of a skyspace can be surprisingly powerful as the sky becomes separated from its usual context and made the focus of aesthetic and perceptual contemplation.

The Amanzoe skyspace looks particularly luxe, with black marble benches ringing the white rectangular room framing the very blue sky above.

“Without light, there is no life,” Turrell said in an interview. “Amanzoe means ‘peaceful life’ and I hope those who experience this work will feel a peaceful sense of the power of the light.”

The rest of the villa is as fancy as you’d think—complete with private pool, fine bedrooms, and an outdoor living room.

Via: The Spaces