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Lego replica of Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie shows off mind-blowing detail

It took 110 hours to recreate the Herzog & de Meuron concert hall

Lego replica of Hamburg’s Elbphilarmonie All images via Brickmonkey unless otherwise noted.

It’s no secret that architecture buffs are often also obsessed with Legos—from kits of iconic buildings to custom-built fantasy structures. But a massive, 20,000-block recreation of the Herzog & de Meuron-designed Elbphilharmonie reaches new heights of detail and creative construction.

Created by the Lego-build company Brickmonkey, the model incorporates key design touches from the original, including the building’s undulating roof, 1,000 windows, trio of waterside cranes, and even a miniature replica lighting system. The central section of the structure also swings open to reveal the building’s famous white concert hall, complete with a tiny piano at its center.

While the real-life structure went notoriously over budget and timeline, the four-foot long Lego replica was built in an estimated 110 hours.

Via: Designboom