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Zaha Hadid’s massive Beijing airport terminal is well underway

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It is poised to be the world’s largest airport when completed in 2019

Aerial computer generated image of an airport terminal made of six curving structures arranged radially.
A rendering of the project.
Images via Zaha Hadid Architects

As if we needed further convincing that the Zaha Hadid-designed terminal at Beijing’s new airport terminal in Daxing would be nothing short of impressive upon completion, new aerial images have emerged showing its intricate steel skeleton that have us even more excited.

Poised to be the world’s largest airport terminal, the project, which was announced in early 2015, is well underway, with its six-pier radial design taking shape and bearing Hadid’s signature swooping lines. When completed, the terminal will measure 313,000 square meters, or approximately 3.4 million square feet, and will accommodate up to 72 million passengers per year on four runways.

The design also incorporates an expansion that will eventually see 100 million passengers and four metric tons (about 4,400 tons) traveling through the terminal each year.

Projected to open in 2019, the new international terminal, unofficially known as Beijing Daxing International Airport, will alleviate some of the congestion at the over-crowded Beijing Capital International Airport 67 kilometers (about 41 miles) away and offer rail connections to the city center. It may also become one of the most beautiful airports in the world.

Via: Designboom