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Tokyo opens ‘Good Design’ store designed by Jasper Morrison

Beige takes center stage

Photos via Spoon & Tamago

Since 1957, Japan has been honoring life-enriching designs with its Good Design Award, but for the first time, the program has a physical space where visitors can see (and even buy) the year’s nominees. Located in a shopping center near the Tokyo rail station Tokyo Station, the store also features a curated collection of award-winning products from the span of Good Design’s 60-year tenure—all available for purchase, of course.

The beige-dominated shop was designed by famed British industrialist designer Jasper Morrison—known for creating economic, efficient, and tasteful designs in an era of fashionable flamboyance. It’s only natural that Morrison’s store design would provide a tastefully neutral backdrop for the items on display. Simple but elegant shelves, cabinets, and tables offer ample display space.

The shop items were curated from among Good Design’s 44,000 designated products by Yu Yamada. The store’s identity and logos were designed by Masaaki Hiromura.

Via: Spoon & Tamago