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Industrial crane transformed into spiffy waterfront rental home

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crane turned retreat Rasmus Hjortshøj of COAST Studio via Dezeen

If one more disused industrial crane gets turned into a cool inhabitable space, we’re going to have to call it a trend. First, there was this crane in Bristol, England that became a rustic-chic B&B. Now, over on Copenhagen’s Nordhavn harbor, a former coal crane in been turned into a sleek retreat, meeting space, and spa.

Completed by local firm Arcgency, the project actually includes four parts, each available to rent separately. At the base of the crane is a container reception area. Moving on up, the second floor features a glass-walled meeting room, while the third floor offers a spa and terrace with fab sea views.

The vistas continue all the way on top, where a 540-square-foot “Krane Room” retreat for two comes loaded with custom furniture and a brooding appeal reminiscent of the sexy all-black prefab shelter from Danish homeware brand Vipp.

Hey abandoned cranes of the world, who’s next?

Via: Dezeen