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BatBnB brings designer housing to flying mammals

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These winged critters have never had such luxe accommodations

designer bat homes Photos via Inhabitat

Hate mosquitoes? A new company wants to help you eliminate the pesky pests by taking in a few new bug-hungry tenants: bats! BatBnB is a line of designer accommodations for bats, offering the first good-looking bat boxes we’ve ever seen.

Made of sustainably sourced, rot-resistant cedar, the four bat box models feature clean lines and angular edges, making them look like a cross between a modern art piece and a skinny bee hive. They’re easily attachable to the side of a house, barn, or tree.

But most importantly, each BatBnB was designed to provide an ideal home for the furry fliers. Creators Harrison Broadhurst and Christoper Rännefors ensured that the boxes had features like grip pads, good ventilation, and appropriate spacing between interior panels. The design is so good, in fact, it’s been endorsed by the director of the Organization for Bat Conservation, Rob Mies, whom Inhabitat dubbed “Beyonce of the bat world.”

Broadhurst and Rännefors founded the bat-friendly startup because of concerns over the spread of the Zika virus and an awareness that chemicals used to kill mosquitoes can also poison local wildlife. But the average bat can eat thousands of insects in a single night.

“We think there's a demand in the market for more effective natural solutions for pest control, and luckily enough, we know a thing or two about bats,” Broadhurst and Rännefors write on their site.

The bat houses are currently for sale in a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Via: Inhabitat, BatBnB