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20 moody architecture photos get spotlight in EyeEm’s latest competition

Selected from over 95,000 submissions

Photo of a skyscraper in the background flanked by two buildings on either side in the foreground.
Bruno Guerreiro’s photograph of skyscrapers is among the 100 winning images.
Photo by Bruno Guerreiro/EyeEm

Among photography community EyeEm’s 100 winners of its fourth annual competition are 20 images of architecture, each training a unique lens onto the built environment.

It’s images of towers—from all perspectives—that dominate, however, with a couple shots of infrastructure thrown in for good measure, showing us that skyscrapers and other behemoths of engineering still capture the imagination.

In addition to these winning photos are images in four other categories—street photography, portraiture, the outdoors, and photojournalism—all selected from over 590,000 submissions from 88,000 photographers of all skill levels and backgrounds from 150 countries.

The architecture category alone saw more than 95,000 entries, proving that capturing buildings—no matter how minimalist—remains a favorite pastime.

Take a look at the winning architecture photos below. The finalists were selected by a jury including representatives from National Geographic Traveler, Refinery29, Ogilvy & Mather, and the BBC. Category winners will be announced at a festival in Berlin in September.

Allan Borebor/EyeEm
Evelyne Sieber/EyeEm
Time Gaweco/EyeEm
Claudio Solano/EyeEm
Ezequiel Ferreira/EyeEm
Fong Han Wei/EyeEm
Paul Crudgington/EyeEm
Ioanna Malkogianni/EyeEm
J.F. Monom/EyeEm
Denise Kwong/EyeEm
Francisco Javier Hoyos Carcedo/EyeEm
Erik Sellgren/EyeEm
Ngoc Van Anh Nguyen/EyeEm
Rosley Majid/EyeEm
Scott Firestone/EyeEm
Wilhelm Oberliess
Niko S./EyeEm
Jeremy Cheung/EyeEm
Hu Zhenyuan/EyeEm