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Minimalist home with moving walls rises outside Tokyo

A modular floorplan creates flexible spaces

The three-story house incorporates modular walls.
Photos via Camp Design

Another minimalist home has risen in the suburbs of Tokyo, where it takes advantage of its narrow site and adheres to local regulations without sacrificing clever design.

Local firm Camp Design created the three-story house (called House Between Curb), and it features a simple wooden construction and a modular floorplan that can be configured by way of sliding doors that attach to rails formed by the oversized beams criss-crossing the ceilings, and to corresponding grooves in the floor.

This adaptability functions well for a family, whose needs are always changing. The screens, made of either translucent panels, wooden ones, or a combination of the two, can be combined to make a small room within a larger one, or simply used as a room divider.

An open-tread steel-framed staircase travels up the center of the residence, creating a kind of tunnel of light that culminates in a skylight on the top floor. There are also glass panels in the floors to allow more light to move between the levels, while white walls and pale wood floors and other trim add to the overall airy quality to the home.

Via: Design Milk