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Extraordinary Swedish greenhouse home yours for $860K

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The glass abode creates a Mediterranean climate around a three-bedroom home

Swedish greenhouse home for sale All photos via Eklund Stockolm New York

For light-and-warmth-loving folks who want to live in wintry climates, surrounding your home with a heat-trapping greenhouse is an increasingly popular option. One such glass-covered home just hit the market near Gothenburg, Sweden—providing a Mediterranean climate in a region where winter temperatures are regularly below freezing.

The three-bedroom home at Havredalsvägen 239 was built in 2015 and features energy-efficient technology and solar panels. The heat-trapping glass wall and roof pull their weight when it comes to keeping the place warm enough to growing apricots, tomatoes, kiwi, and grapes year-round. The massive expanses of glass also offer views of the nearby lake.

The homey part of the building is arranged with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms on the first floor—all designed in a clean modern style. The floor is polished concrete and the kitchen was recently updated. A wood-paneled staircase leads to a massive light-filled terrace on the top of the interior structure. Designed for entertaining, this space is essentially a glorious second living room.

Another lower level features a hobby room and the third bedroom.

The home also comes with more than 22 acres of land with old summer homes and out buildings. The listing says this property is ripe for further development.

Via: The Spaces, Eklund Stockholm New York