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Gorgeous modern home celebrates raw brick and concrete

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The home is arranged as two pavilions linked by an elevated concrete walkway

concrete and brick house in Brazil Photos by Haruo Mikami via Dezeen

Maybe it’s the brick, the strong horizontal lines, or the outdoor walkways—but there’s something vaguely school-like about this deliciously modern home designed by Bloco Arquitetos. Casa Vila Rica is an airy and open structure of two perpendicular concrete and brick volumes, connected by an elevated outdoor walkway.

The main living room wing contains an open-air lounge and grill area as well as a living room, dining room, and kitchen surrounded by glass. The second wing holds the bedrooms and is more enclosed and private. Light comes in through high clerestory windows and small interior courtyards.

The home was specifically designed to accommodate Brasília’s climate, which involves a dry season followed by four to five months of rainfall. Large concrete overhangs effectively shield the interior from hot sun and pouring rain. The home is also raised on a concrete plinth to prevent flooding, and the open-air spaces and walks take advantage of the region’s warmth.

The brick and concrete material palette was largely chosen to eliminate fussy interior finishes. "We have decided to use the expression of the materials in its raw state, accepting the imperfections of the local manual labor and its limitations," said the architects.

"The idea was to minimize the extensive labor that is normally used for the finishings such as plaster or paint and to have materials that would age well without the need for constant maintenance."

Via: Dezeen