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This transforming outdoor table lets 8 people grill at once

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And then it turns into a fire pit

The Fourth of July may commemorate the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago, but it’s also the height of summer grilling, a moment when you’re not yet tired of hamburgers, brats, and grilled corn. But one of the downfalls of grilling is that someone has to cook all those delicious items, often missing out on the conversation and company of others.

Not so with the JAG Eight, a unique eight -person table that boasts a grill in the middle. Based in Dallas, Texas, JAG Grill offers two different sizes of tables—an eight-person and a six-person—and both tables feature removable wooden leaves around a grill that works with wood fires or charcoal briquettes. You access and build the fire from a side door, add the stainless steel grilling racks, and then let each individual grill whatever they want.

An elevated center dome keeps the fire contained and comes off when you need to add wood or coals. The table can also convert to an open fire pit when the dome is removed. Adjustable table legs accommodate uneven surfaces, and the ability to remove the table leaves helps with easy cleanup.

The JAG Eight has a steep price tag: $2,500. But it does serve three distinct purposes as a grill, table, and fire pit. And it will definitely spark some hot conversation at your next barbecue (see what we did there?). For more info, head over here.

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