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Hungary’s ‘musical road’ will sing to drivers going at the right speed

The cars essentially act like needles on a record player

Testing the musical road in Lancaster, California.

Hungary’s Route 67 is not only getting an expansion, it’s getting a song. The Austrian contractor tasked with widening and rebuilding the roadway is also adding special rumble trips to a section of the street surface. The rumble strips create audible vibrations when driven over—so that drivers moving at the correct speed will “play” the Hungarian rock ballad 67-es út, Route 67.

“This project shows how much creativity there can be in transportation infrastructures,” said Thomas Birtel, chief executive of contractor Strabag. “We are delighted to be able to realize this interesting project for Hungary’s national infrastructure company.”

The world’s first known musical road is Denmark’s Asphaltophone, which debuted in 1995. Today, there are singing rumble strips in at least seven more countries including Japan, Ukraine, and the United States. Here’s a television segment about a section of Route 66 that sings America The Beautiful:

Via: Global Construction Review