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Kito Fujio’s photos of Japanese playgrounds at night are strangely captivating

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robot playground All photos by Kito Fujio via Spoon & Tamago

Looking at the work of photographer Kito Fujio, who focuses on Japanese playgrounds, you start to notice a theme: enormous animals. Kids can clamber up the arm of a giant frog and slide down his tongue. They can climb onto the back of a dinosaur made of upright logs, or into the mouth of a whale. Giant grasshopper with a set of monkey bars for antennae? Hell yes. There are also huge robots, appliances, and even abstract forms.

But every sculptural play set in Fujio’s photographs is shown at night, devoid of human life, and dramatically lit from above. Very little is shown of the surrounding environment. So each strange slide appears as a singular object without many indications of scale.

But they are strange and beautiful. It’s almost as if Fujio is capturing images of an alternate dimension populated only with beings that are also playground equipment.

Via: Spoon & Tamago