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London’s Camden High Line project gets support from mayor

It would transform an abandoned elevated railway into a park

Camden elevated railway French+Tye

In case you missed it, “High Line” has evolved from a single park in NYC into a wildly popular typology of urban park—one that’s constantly copied in the hopes of revitalizing neighborhoods around the globe. The latest High Line copycat is North London’s subtly named Camden Highline (with a curious lack of space between “High” and “line” that seems designed to befuddle Americans as much as colour, theatre, and appal).

Camden Highline

The planned park would take over a half-mile strip of disused railway running from Camden Market to Kings Cross. Developed by Camden’s business improvement district, the Highline would span seven existing bridges once used for the north London Overground. The plans include a linear park that doubles as a performance and festival venue.

The design of the park is being lead by Studio Weave and Architect 00, and is still in the early stages. The park’s organizers recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to support detailed feasibility studies for appraising and surveying the rail line—and have nearly reached their a goal of raising £37,408.

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, pledged £2,500 to the initiative, and voiced his support:

“This innovative project has the potential to become a real asset for Camden and is a great example of a local community taking an idea and garnering support in order to make it a reality. I look forward to seeing it develop.”

Via: Archinect, Evening Standard