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Inventor creates brilliant ‘no-rock’ cafe table

Special self-stabilizing feet prevent this four-legged cafe table from wobbling

no-rock table No Rock

Say goodbye to the insidious rocking of a cafe table! Brilliant inventor and geometry wiz Chris Heyring has devised a four-legged bistro table that won’t wobble. Known mostly for designing innovative suspension systems, Heyring set out to tackle a simple-but-thorny puzzle: Three-legged tables will always sit flat, but risk tipping, while four-legged tables will invariably rock when placed on uneven surfaces.

His clever solution is a table base where the feet self-stabilize. Small gaps between the feet allow for articulation and movement. When weighed down by the table top, the slightly asymmetric legs are forced to lean against each other, creating a solid base.

The innovative No-Rock table, now for sale in a variety of styles, is been deployed in Europe, Australia, and Norht America, according to New Atlas.

“It’s just a simple banal bloody thing that you go to a cafe, you put your coffee down and your wine and it goes click clack,” Heyring explained in a video. “You go to Rome, Florence, Paris... it’s the same thing over and over—it goes click clack, spill spill and it annoys the heck out of me. I just had to do it.”

Via: New Atlas