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Circular brutalist home in Belgium can be yours for $767K

Concrete and circular: What more could you want?

Exterior shot of home with round pool in foreground and circular brick-and-concrete home in the background on green lot.
The home was designed in the ’70s by Jackie Cuylen.
Photos via De Boer & Partners

A unique circular brutalist home has come on the market in Herentals in Antwerp, Belgium, and it packs as much force as a roundhouse kick.

According to WowHaus, the concrete home was designed in the 1970s by Jackie Cuylen. It is formed by circles, a motif that repeats in the garage, the pool, terrace, and, of course, the interiors.

One enters the residence through the ground floor, where a central, spiraling staircase sheaved in curved concrete walls and illuminated by a skylight leads upstairs to the main level, which, strikingly enough, is propped on concrete pillars.

Here, oak floors, exposed brick walls, and full-height windows set the stage for a living and dining area anchored by a fireplace, a sleek all-white modern kitchen, a bar lounge, two bedrooms, a groovy tiled bathroom, and an additional water closet.

Even the garage is a circle, as mentioned above, on top of which is a lovely roof terrace that is directly accessed from the living room. Rounding out the property (pun most certainly intended) is a brick-rimmed circular pool. If this makes your heart swell, it’s offered at €649,000, or about $767,000, by De Boer and Partners.

Via: WowHaus, De Boer & Partners