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Eccentric Japanese home built from nine intersecting cubes

Or cuboids, to be exact, which create rooms of funky proportions

All photos by Shinkenchiku-sha via Dezeen

Today in kooky Japanese homes: Fukushima-based architect Cohta Asano has created a new house for his family built of nine intersecting cuboids. Built after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated many homes in the area, plus a fire that took down the existing house on the site, Asano’s creation values open, flexible living that channels an “old folk home.”

The dwelling offers about 750 square feet of floor space, but you won’t find it all at once. The overlapping volumes create split-level rooms at different scales, including a triple-height living area (also used as a music lesson space for the architect’s mother) and more intimate nooks like the bedroom and white-tiled bathroom shown below. Doors are carved from gaps between the cubes.

While wooden boards cover the exterior and some of the interior, the wooden frame structure of the house has largely been left exposed inside, making for endless built-in shelving. Take a closer look.

Via: Dezeen