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Marijuana dispensary goes minimalist in Portland

The Serra shop in Portland looks more like a trendy jewelry store

minimalist cannabis dispensary Kenton Waltz via Dezeen

After the state of Oregon legalized recreational pot-smoking, it was only a matter of time before Portland got a “curated cannabis retail space.” That’s one way the owners of Serra describe their flagship dispensary, which opened in 2016 to cater to “progressive pot culture.”

The building is a two-story structure in Old Town built in 1889. Tastefully designed by OMFGCo and JHL Design, the shop has the air of warm minimalism you might find in a nice jewelry store. The building’s historic facade was painted black—a shade named Black Beauty—and its tall windows frame a white, open interior.

Inside, the space is illuminated by a set of Halo light fixtures by Matthew McCormick—evoking smoke rings that have been crystalized and captured. A reception area furnished with a couch, desk, and espresso machine greets visitors, who must be 21 or older in order to gain entry to the rest of the store.

Kenton Waltz via Dezeen

A set of steel-framed glass doors leads into the main space. Glass-topped display cases made of wood and steel draw attention to the wares within. These vitrines were designed to look like miniature greenhouses (Serra is Italian for greenhouse). Open shelves line the walls between sections covered in greenery.

JHL Design

Serra is far from the only high-design dispensary. Check out ten of our favorites here.

Via: Dezeen