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Solar-powered prefab tiny house will do it all for $125K

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The cost will cover site preparation, delivery, and installation of Koda

A concrete block home at night lit from within with a huge glass expanse making up the front of the home showing an open-plan living room and kitchen area and stairs leading up to a sleeping loft.
Koda is as good-looking as it is efficient.
Photos via Kodasema

Last year, Estonian design collective Kodasema revealed a prototype of Koda, a prefabricated, energy-efficient, transportable (and chic) concrete micro home that captured the imagination of tiny home enthusiasts everywhere.

Measuring 25 square meters, or approximately 269 square feet, Koda can be built in a day and installed the next—without a foundation—making it turnkey almost immediately. All you need is a level plot, crane access, and connections to water, sewage, and electricity.

Koda comes as a package for £150,000 in the U.K. and $125,000 in the U.S., which, in addition to covering site preparation, delivery, installation, and hookups to utilities, also includes the cost of planning and building regulations, making it a relatively simple option for those looking to buy a home.

That’s why the United Kingdom is looking to Koda as a solution for the country’s housing crisis, according to Dezeen. Because the concrete dwelling can travel on the back of a truck then lifted onto a site, it has the potential to encourage “self-build” culture and make use of vacant sites that are becoming more and more prevalent.

A living area. The walls are wood and there is a tan couch with multiple throw pillows. There are stairs to the side of the couch. Kodasema

Koda’s sleek design also makes it highly adaptable to a variety of functions, including as temporary housing, a vacation dwelling, cafe, office, workshop, studio, or classroom. As for its many appealing amenities, Koda incorporates solar panels on the roof, vacuum-insulated concrete walls, smart-home controls, a full-height window making up the front of the home, an open-plan living area and kitchen, and a lofted sleeping space.

The first Koda has been installed at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford, U.K.

A bedroom area. The bed is a green cushion that sits on the floor. There are two thin black light fixtures above the bed.

Via: Dezeen

Correction: This story has been corrected to show the correct USD pricing of the KODA home. The pricing is $125,000, not $190,000.