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New Muji hotel in Tokyo is now taking reservations

Yes, expect lots of Muji goods inside

Muji hotel facade Image: Muji

You better sit down for this, minimal Japanese home goods fans. Your favorite store, Muji, is opening a hotel in Tokyo’s Ginza district this April and reservations are now open. The 10-story planned development will dedicate the first six floors to a Muji flagship store, while floors seven through 10 (and a portion of floor six) will house the new Muji Hotel. Other facilities include the Wa restaurant, Muji Diner, and Atelier Muji Ginza, a “design and cultural space” comprising art galleries, a library, lounge, and bar.

Inside, guests can expect plenty of the pared-back aesthetic Muji is known for, including rooms decked out in Muji furniture and accessories to an emphasis on recycled materials throughout. There will be 79 rooms overall, available in nine different layouts ranging from micro units clocking in at 150 square feet (around $135 a night) to more spacious setups coming in at over 550 square feet (around $500 to $600 a night). Amenities like tatami mat flooring, bunk beds, and desks and tables vary across the layouts. Pricing will be fixed throughout the year, including weekends and holidays.

simple hotel room
Photos: Muji

The Ginza location isn’t the first Muji hotel to open. The company already has hotels in the Chinese cities of Beijing and Shenzhen, both of which opened in 2018.