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This mobile structure builds itself in under 10 minutes

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Ten Fold’s structures self-deploy at the touch of a button

When folded up, it easily slips onto a truck bed for easy transport.

We love a good transportable prefab that can be upped and moved, but a building that builds itself at the touch of a button? Now that’s something else all together.

United Kingdom-based company Ten Fold Engineering has developed a ready-to-use, relocatable structure that self-deploys (in both directions) and can be used for a variety of functions including as mobile homes, offices, clinics, shops, exhibitions, restaurants, and schools.

Requiring no machinery, labor, or a foundation, Ten Fold’s buildings unfurl like an accordion in under ten minutes and just as easily fold back in on itself for easy transport on a truck bed. All that’s required is a hand-held, battery-powered drill.

Even more impressive is its size. Each structure pops open to three times its transport size to 64 square meters, or approximately 689 square feet. There’s even 20 square meters (about 215 square feet) of space to store furniture or other equipment in transit. Internal walls can be moved and arranged according to preference, making it highly adaptable. They can also be stacked and have the potential to go fully off-grid by way of solar panels.

Ten Fold’s structures start at £100,000, or approximately $129,000. To learn more, head over to their website.

Via: Inhabitat