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Swedish eco-retreat will have 14 glass cabins and a massive greenhouse restaurant

Glass A-frames abound

eco-retreat in Sweden All images via Lendager Group

Folks staying at this remote retreat in Sweden shouldn’t throw stones. The upcoming Stedsans in the Woods, located two and a half hours from Copenhagen, Malmö, and Gothenburg by car, will have an array of glassy cabins and an enormous glass greenhouse that serves as the eco-hotel’s restaurant and common space.

Stedsans creators Mette Helbæk and Flemming Hansen sold their house, closed their restaurants, and moved from Copenhagen to Sweden with the dream of creating a “lab for discovering better ways to eat, live, and connect with nature.” The pair envisioned a farm-to-table restaurant and set of cabins, and managed to raise some $126,710 on Kickstarter to turn their dream into reality.

Sustainable architects at Copenhagen’s Lendager Group designed a set of buildings to be made with materials found on site, including boulders uncovered during excavation, waste wood, old barns, and glass taken from abandoned greenhouses.

A total of 14 glass A-frame cabins will be scattered across the 17-acre site, some floating on its lake and others raised on platforms amid the trees. However, Stedsans’ crown jewel will be its “third space”—a massive greenhouse in the shape of two adjacent prisms that contains not only plantings but a farm-to-table restaurant that sources all its ingredients from nature in its midst.

The retreat as envisioned here is still in development, but it appears that Stedsans will begin take bookings for a dinner and overnight stay (in glamping tents for now) in late July.

Our floating sauna in the making ✨ #stedsansinthewoods @wildwooddk

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