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These wine tasting pavilions are ready for summer

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Quintessa Estate is located in Napa Valley

The exterior of Quintessa Estate in California. The structure is surrounded by trees and tall grass. There are floor to ceiling windows. Inside are tables and chairs.
Walker Warner Architects designed the pavilions to be all-weather.
Photos by Matthew Millman

Wineries are increasingly going high-design, and that means their tasting rooms are, too. That may be because, as wine sales continue to see steady growth in the U.S., consumers are increasingly visiting wineries as part of their leisure activities.

And with summer in full swing, the idea of sipping a glass of crisp rosé while enjoying the rolling hills of wine country feels so warm-weather appropriate.

At Quintessa winery in Napa Valley, California, the immersive wine-tasting experience is of the utmost importance, which is why it created pavilions that allow guests to not only learn about various vintages but also take in the surrounding estate.

San Francisco-based firm Walker Warner Architects helmed the project (they also designed the winery), adding three all-weather structures to the 280-acre estate that are set among oak trees and blend in with the landscape.

Constructed from industrial materials that are meant to age naturally, the pavilions offer the protection of a built structure while also framing the bucolic views. Take a look.