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France to ban gasoline-powered cars by 2040

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President Emmanuel Macron hopes to make the country carbon neutral by 2050

View of the Obelisk at Place de la Concorde down the broad avenue of the Champs-Élysées.
Paris has recently experienced some of its worst pollution in years.
Photo by Eerko Vissering via Flickr

Coming on the heels of Volvo’s announcement yesterday that it would only manufacture hybrid and electric cars beginning in 2019, France announced that it would ban all diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040.

The move is part of French president Emmanuel Macron’s initiative to make the country carbon neutral by 2050, according to The Independent, and involves ceasing the use of coal to produce electricity by 2022, a plan that is backed by €4 billion worth of investments to facilitate energy efficiency. These measures are in turn part of a five-year plan to advance clean energy and to meet France’s goals under the Paris Agreement.

Environment minister Nicolas Hulot made the announcement this morning, acknowledging some of the plan’s road blocks, including pressure on France’s car manufacturers, and the financial burden of switching cars for families that may not be able to afford a brand new car. In both instances, there are plans to alleviate those hardships.

Paris and other cities have begun measures to ban cars in high-density urban areas in an effort to curb pollution. To learn more, head over to The Independent.

Via: The Independent (h/t Inhabitat)