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Hilton’s Tru hotels are millennial-friendly and low budget

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The new Tru hotels have craft beer, pool tables, and “work pods”

Hilton’s low-budget hotels for millennials Tru

Lookout Airbnb, Hilton’s trying to woo the millennial market with a new line of low-cost hotels that put craft beer and hangout space front and center. Tru hotels dial down costs with easily cleanable rooms that are 20 percent smaller than average and located outside of expensive cities.

To sweeten the pot for millennials, the hotels are new construction (a deviation from the norm for the price-point) and feature large communal lobbies with bright colors, a 24/7 bar, pool tables, and workspaces, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Tru rooms are bare-bones compared to the average mid-range hotel: vinyl flooring instead of carpet, no desk, no coffee-maker. Based on the renderings, the lobbies look like a newly renovated campus hub at a small college—complete with a snack bar, circular signs, and funky chairs. But with a price tag of $100 a night or less, that’s probably a-ok.

The first Tru hotel opened in May in Oklahoma City, and more than 150 locations are planned in places like Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, by the end of 2019.

But will U.S. millennials be moved by Tru’s simpler rooms and brightly hued lobbies?

“It’s very chic and cool, it’s very loft-esque. But for a business traveler it’s tough,” one guest told the Wall Street Journal. “This was very European. I live in Texas, I’m from the Deep South. We like it big.”

Via: WSJ