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Artist Alex Chinneck rips London facade in two

He’s at it again!

facade “split” into two Photos by Charles Emerson via Designboom

Artist Alex Chinneck loves to play with architecture—deconstructing buildings until they slump, melt, and levitate. His latest London project is an eye-popping fractured facade atop an office complex in Hammersmith.

The installation took more than a year to execute. Chinneck used some 5,000 custom-made bricks and more than 1,000 stainless-steel connectors to create the artwork, named Six pins and half a dozen needles.

It looks a bit like a giant came through and tore apart the wall like it was no more than a sheet of paper. The playful and dramatic effect is intended to arrest passersby and inject a bit of surprise and wonder into the streetscape.

“The work was conceived to engage people in a fun and uplifting way,” said Chinneck.

“Although we use real brick, it was designed with a cartoon-like quality to give the sculpture an endearing artifice and playful personality. I set out to create accessible artworks and I sincerely hope this becomes a popular landmark for London and positive experience for Londoners.”

The work is Chinneck’s first permanent sculpture.

Via: Designboom