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Tiny trailer pops up to reveal king-size bed

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Campsite pampering at its best

The Ultimate Nexus trailer from Ultimate Off Road Campers.
Courtesy of Ultimate Off Road Campers

Campers and RVs come packed with features these days, from electric pop-up roofs to custom dog crates. But one of the fastest growing sectors of the RV market is off-road trailers that don’t scrimp on comfort and amenities.

The Australia-built Ultimate Nexus Teardrop Trailer combines off-road capabilities—like 20-inch tires and 22 inches of clearance—with innovative features that make sleeping a crowd a cinch. The compact aerodynamic design is light-weight enough to pull behind most cars and maintain fuel-efficiency. Pop up the tent and you’re in for a surprise: A small stairway leads you to a u-shaped leather lounge area, cooking galley, and king-size bed.

That’s a whole lot of space for a tiny trailer, and the Ultimate Nexus Teardrop also boasts a ton of other helpful features. Multi-colored LED mood lighting, a 2-burner gas stove, a fridge, carbon table, privacy curtains, hot water system, and front and rear awnings all come standard. Solar panels and dual lithium batteries provide plenty of power to stay off-grid for days, and the whole package sits on long-travel coil springs and shock absorbers that make bumpy roads easy.

The Ultimate Nexus Teardrop starts at $55,600, although used trailers are also available.

The stairs leading up to the expanded living space.
Courtesy of Ultimate Off Road Campers
The galley, with a 2-burner gas stove, 110 L compressor fridge/freezer combo, and storage drawer system.
Courtesy of Ultimate Off Road Campers
The couch area of the Ultimate Nexus.
Courtesy of Ultimate Off Road Campers
A king-size bed with plenty of air ventilation.
Courtesy of Ultimate Off Road Campers