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Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired homes on private island back on the market for $15M

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A lot of intrigue cloaks the 10-acre-plus Petra Island

A low, flat-roofed home with stone walls and a wraparound balcony cantilevers off a rocky shore.
The home was completed in 2007 based on Frank Lloyd Wright’s original drawings, floorplans, elevations, and sections.
Photos via Chilton & Chadwick

There’s a lot of intrigue surrounding Petra Island (also called Petre Island), the heart-shaped private island 50 miles north of New York City in Mahopac, not only for its two homes supposedly designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, but also for the rumor that Angelina Jolie might have purchased it for her then-beau (and noted architecture enthusiast) Brad Pitt back in 2013.

Whether either of these tales is true, what you need to know is that the 10-acre-plus island set right in the middle of Lake Mahopac is back on the market—after years of being on and off of it—for just under $15 million.

The provenance of the property’s two residences has come under question. It is said that Wright had originally designed a 5,000-square-foot residence for the island in 1950, but when the owner realized he couldn’t afford the project, Wright was forced to build a smaller cottage instead.

Many years later, Petra’s new owner, John Massaro, decided to bring Wright’s original plans to life based on a handful of drawings, floorplans, and other documents that came with the property. He enlisted an architect and Wright scholar to complete the massive home around 2007, but the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has refused to recognize it as an authentic Wright design.

Still, looking at the listing photos, it is clear that the home features a few of Wright’s iconic elements, including broad, horizontal planes, geometric woodwork, built-in furniture, and an integration with its natural site.

But for a $14.92 million price tag, you want to be sure that what you’re paying for is the real deal. Then again, it’s a private island (address: 1 Petre Island, Carmel, New York) only 15 minutes from Manhattan by helicopter (yes, the property comes with a helipad).

Via: The Spaces, Chilton & Chadwick