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Incredible bamboo basketball court opens in Thailand


all-bamboo sports hall Photos by Markus Roselieb and Alberto Cosi via Designboom

You don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate the gorgeous new open-air sports pavilion at the Panyaden International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. From the outside, the 8,417-square-foot building looks something like a shingled turtle shell—featuring a three-tiered, curved roof with undulating edges. But inside, bamboo steals the show. The structure boasts impressive interior spans of more than 55 feet—supported entirely with prefabricated bamboo trusses.

The pavilion was designed by the bamboo architecture specialists at Chiangmai Life Architects to host basketball, futsal, volleyball, and badminton in addition to a retractable stage. A ring of raised balconies provides seating and viewing areas for parents and visitors. The open-air design creates natural ventilation.

According to the architects, the building should last about 50 years and be able to withstand high-speed storm winds and earthquakes.

Via: Designboom