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Tiny trailer unfolds to reveal 3-person rooftop tent

Ready to go off grid for under $8,000

The Basecamp trailer from Jackwagon Off Road.
All photos courtesy of Jackwagon Off Road

Not everyone wants to camp with bathrooms, over-the-top TV systems, and the kitchen sink. For the minimalist adventurer who’s still looking for a bit of comfort, check out the Jackwagon Off-Road Basecamp trailer.

The main trailer features 48 cubic feet of sealed, lockable storage as well as external storage for fuel cans or propane tanks. A full boxed frame, independent suspension, 33” off-road tires, and a multi-axis hitch help The Basecamp get to even the gnarliest off-the-grid destinations. It’s also lightweight and easily towed by many different types of cars.

Once you arrive at your camping oasis, a fold-out full-width table makes kitchen prep a breeze, and a three-person rooftop tent lets you sleep on a 2.5 inch form pad that’s way comfier than the ground. Throw in a rain fly, ladder, and a heavy duty PVC cover and you’ve got a set up that can outlast the longest of backcountry escapades.

Sure, this isn’t the most luxurious set up in the camper world, but it gets the job done with minimal fluff and a whole lot of functional convenience. All of the trailers are made-to-order in Prescott, Arizona, and start at the base price of $7,875.