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Cool scratch-off map documents all your travels

Oh, the places you’ll go

A black and gold Scratch Map.
All photos courtesy of Scratch Map

A big part of travel is documenting and planning your next trip, so world aficionados should love this cardstock wall map that holds an extra surprise. Not only does it serve as a handy geographical reference for the home, but also the map provides a visual reference for all the places you’ve already been.

The sleek gold-and-black palette feels expensive without being gaudy, and the interactive map lets you scratch off the places that you’ve visited. Scratch Brazil, for example, and the map reveals vivid bursts of red, green, yellow or blue.

The more places you travel, the more colorful the map gets, and an infographic at the bottom features interesting facts about world geography. The standard map costs $32 while a larger version runs $48. Want something a bit more crafty to hang in your house? Check out this Wanderlust Cross Stitch Map for $35.